Taking A Break

You guessed it! I’m taking a little break from modelling .

It’s been an extremely busy and stressful year for me so far. As a lot of you know I’ve had an emotional year not only that but I’ve been traveling around for the last 3 months and after moving house I’ve still not unpacked my things. On the way back from Burges I decided to take a break from modelling and start planning for next year. There are so many things I would like to do and achieve but to be able to do that I feel I need a plan of action.

For anyone who knows me personally or those who have worked with me know I’m an extremely determined person. I always set achievable goals because I feel I’m creating a stepping stone to my next adventure.

My one wish is to see America next year and hopefully shoot there. I’ve never been before and It’s always something I’ve dreamt of doing.

I would also like focus on my modelling career and take it to the next level by getting a few more publications. This means I will be collaborating a lot more with creative teams to make this possible. Please get in touch if you feel you can add to my portfolio.

I also want to tour as a model a lot more in Europe not only that I’ve got the stunning Lottii Rose coming along too. I’m already looking at Paris, Netherlands and Spain. Get in touch for dates!

So I know some of you may think I’m asking for a lot or some may think otherwise but for me I wanted to do something for myself next year.

I’ve set up a couple of different sites where you can be apart of all the fun.

ZIVITY – Here you can find lots of awesome photo sets that I have created with many different photographers. You can also back me as an artist in return you will receive goodies (please message me before hand)

ONLYFANS – I post here every single day if not more! Here you can find exclusive behind the scenes photos/videos from shoots. Lots of selfies (maybe a few nudes too!) I also will be doing a least one free live broadcast once a month. Here you can ask questions and get to know me personally and ask what I’ve been up to.

If you don’t fancy signing up you can always keep up to date with me on all my social media and not forgetting here. Until next time.


Gracie x